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FOX News
Nov 15, 2009 7:00am EST
-presidential spot in the united states, that's the nugget? >> we're talking about and it's the most salacious point. >> that's why i'm suppose today watch? >> why people buy people magazine. >> this is somebody who could be, could be the president of the united states, that's the one thing we're going to latch on to? >> and of course, the lead by johnson and-- >> i'm sure they'll release a lot of stuff. >> maybe i'm crazy. >> sells magazines. all right, in the meantime, could a technicality keep the master mind, the allegedly so-called master mind of 9/11 attacks from facing justice? we're going to have the scoop on that. >> plus, victims of bernie madoff are finally getting a little payback. stay with fox for a fair and balanced coverage of that. you want to buy madoff paraphernalia? ♪ wow, is this... fiber one honey clusters? yes. but it can't have... can't have about half a day's worth of fiber? i assure you it does. i can only taste... only taste the crunchy clusters, honey, and brown sugar. no madam, i don't have esp. (announcer) fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. >> i had access that
FOX News
Nov 29, 2009 7:00am EST
united states senators reached out directly to secretary of state hillary clinton in an effort to have her employ diplomatic efforts to get liam released to his father and that apparently had effect. about ten days ago, michael had a private session with the president of the juvenile court in rome and for the first time, the president of the court indicated an understanding of the terrible situation liam was in, said that they would move forward in a process to release liam to his father's custody and even allow michael to employ the experts that he's gotten here in the united states to help with the reunification process. michael left got on-- visited liam. got on an airplane the next day, when he landed in new york he turned on his cell phone and found out that liam had been abducted from his mother. >> we can assume that his mother, reabducted him this time from the courthouse. of course, michael, the father is extremely worried about liam's safety today. is there anything legally that michael can do? >> well, we don't have to assume that his mother has custody. her own lawyer conce
FOX News
Nov 1, 2009 7:00am EST
, what does it mean to the united states sending more troops to the region? an update from kabul. last night's halloween candy didn't just have to be for the kid. what if the patients want to indulge. we've got a great idea for you, how do you pair halloween candy and wine? put them together? gary vanederchuck is here and he'll show you the best candy and wine that go hand and hand. (announcer) time brings new wisdom new aches and pains, ...and new questions about which pain reliever is right for your body. tylenol 8 hour works with your body, with one layer that dissolves quickly... layer that lasts all day ...and no layers that irritate your stomach the way that ibuprofen can. it's tough on your body pain. not on your body. are more than words here. it's personal. i have diabetes. rodney's kid too. so we're so proud to manufacture... the accu-chek® aviva meters and test strips... here in the u.s.a. plus, we've proven you'll waste 50% fewer strips... when you use our meter, which means greater savings... for people with diabetes, like me. now that's a true american value. accu
FOX News
Nov 8, 2009 7:00am EST
standards for all health care plans that are offered across the united states. so the government appoints a committee of nonelected political appointees to determine what goes into the benefit package and all plans will have to meet the minimum standard. now, imagine, try to look at this in another way and imagine the government comes up with a bunch of mandates they say every american has to buy the same basket of groceries every week, okay? no matter what, every week every person has to buy the basket of groceries and you might not like milk or eggs they suggest or hate broccoli but you have to buy those every week and if you have to buy things you don't want you will be wasting money this, same thing with the universal package. >> and so, fine they'll the third point, running out of time, doctor, is a lack of malpractice reform. why is that bad for america. >> malpractice, defensive medicine in this country, it is hard to put a number on it but a large number of dollars are wasted every year and the bill has a section that will remove programs such as in indiana that placed caps on dam
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4